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Summer Self-Care for Social Workers and Therapists in Private Practice

Summer Self-Care for Social Workers and Therapists in Private Practice

  Prioritize self-care this summer! Summer seems to be flying by. Sadly, the Back to School gear is already on the shelves at my local Target store! But, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy summer. It’s the perfect time to put your needs first and schedule some summer self-care.   The summer slow down […]

Coping with Burnout

Coping with Burnout by Sharon Martin, LCSW     Welcome to the second part in my series about burnout. Last week, I wrote about the Signs of Burnout. This week we’ll be focusing on coping with burnout. Now that you are familiar with some common signs of burnout, let’s explore how to deal with it. […]

Signs of Burnout

Are you suffering from the Sunday night blues? And does Monday morning bring a pit in your stomach? Does work drain all of your energy?  These may all be signs of burnout. For many, burnout seems to be the cost of passionately caring about others. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This is […]

How to Create a Self-Care Plan

We are all well aware that self-care is important to our health, happiness, and career success. Like most things, we are more likely to practice self-care if we have a well thought out plan. So, let’s get to work and figure out how to create a self-care plan. Step #1 Find out what you like […]

Finding Work Life Balance

Finding work-life balance is a challenge for most professionals today. Technology has made it possible and/or expected that we are working all the time. The case managers I know often have to take on extra clients due to cutbacks or a vacant position. Social workers notoriously have high caseloads and few resources. We are at […]

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