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Professional Resources for Mental Health Professionals (Social Workers, Counselors, Therapists, Coaches)

A few notes: I have been practicing psychotherapy for 20 years and along the way I’ve discovered some valuable tools and resources to help me progress in my career. I wished I’d discovered most of these years ago. I’d like to share these new therapists resources as they may help you as well. Some of the links below are affiliate links meaning I get a small commission on a sale through the link (you pay the same amount). I do not recommend anything without using it and/or feeling completely confident in recommending it. These new therapist resources are provided to help you in your professional growth. I am licensed and practicing in California. I tend to share licensing information for California. If you live elsewhere, be sure to check with your particular state.

Support for New Therapists/Social Workers

MFT Guide – active Facebook group for pre-licensed clinicians (California focused)

Beginning Counselor – supportive community and resources led by Stephanie Adams, LPC

Selling the Couch – large, active Facebook group. A great place to to ask questions, build connections, and share resources. The group is moderated by Melvin Varghese, Ph.D. host of a podcast by the same name.

Blissful Practice – another great Facebook community for new and seasoned clinicians led by Dr. Agnes Wainman. Agnes puts out some awesome videos full of quirky inspiration and concrete tips for building a private practice. She also has various experts regularly available to answer your questions about things like creating a website, blogging, finding your niche, etc.


The Social Work Podcast – Jonathan Singer, Ph.D., LCSW
“Provides information on all things social work, including direct practice (both clinical and community organizing), research, policy, education… and everything in between.”
Interesting topics include: motivational interviewing, the future of healthcare, suicide in schools, trauma-informed care.

inSocialWork® – University of Buffalo School of Social Work
The mission of inSocialWork® is “to engage practitioners and researchers in lifelong learning and to promote research to practice and practice to research”. Interesting topics include: reproductive justice, basic income, professional resilience, gang life, traumatic brain injury.

Selling the Couch – Melvin Varghese, Ph.D.
Informative podcast interviews of successful private practice therapists, media and marketing experts. Interesting topics include: using Instagram and Facedbook, writing case notes, running a successful private practice.

Practice of the Practice –  Joe Sanok, LPC
Joe shares his own experience of building a successful private practice and consulting business, including his monthly income growth. Interesting topics include: video marketing, digital HIPAA compliance, writing a book.

podsocs – Patricia Froneck
Podsocs, podcasts for social workers, is an initiative of Griffith University in Australia. Topics include health, education, global, family, policy, culture, and equality.

Therapy Chat – Laura Reagan, LCSW-C
Laura interviews therapists, researchers, and authors about their work as healers and educators. Laura also shares her own expertise in trauma, self-care, and self-compassion.

Printable Handouts for your Groups and Trainings

Mental Health Therapy Group Handouts

Do you ever need a quick handout for your therapy group or social work training? I’ve created 3 sets of self-improvement printables (each contains 5 different PDFs). Purchase them and feel free to copy them again and again for use with clients or other mental health educational activities. (I just ask that they aren’t altered or resold.)


Books for Professionals

A classic and must-read for every psychotherapist.


Seeking Safety is an empirically-backed curriculum for trauma and substance abuse utilizing harm reduction interventions.


Fascinating research on trauma.



A great guide, especially for new clinicians, to help you ask assessment questions that will help you diagnose and understand your clients.


Love it or hate it, the DSM-5 is a necessary tool of the trade.


I learned about Simple Self-Care from the Therapy Chat podcast. I love the notion of quick and easy self-care routines that we can do throughout out work day.

Books I routinely recommend to clients

I could list pages and pages of fantastic resources, but these are the books I recommend over and over again.


Setting Boundaries Workbook

I wrote this workbook based on 20 years of experience helping people set boundaries.  It’s for everyone who struggles to set boundaries, is riddled with guilt when they do, and has a hard time saying “No”. It’s full of exercises to help you better understanding your people-pleasing behaviors and assertively set boundaries.

Blogs and Online Magazines

The New Social Worker

Social Work Career

Social Work Today

Private Practice from the Inside Out


Running a Private Practice

Simple Practice – I use and love Simple Practice. It is the perfect solution for a solo practitioner. Features include: electronic records, insurance billing, client portal for completing intake documents and online scheduling, mobile app, practice statistics such as income, unpaid sessions, number of sessions per month, and more. Customer service is outstanding!

Square – I’ve used Square for my credit card processing for a several years. The pricing is competitive. I’ve never had a single problem with Square.

Moo Business Cards – the best cards hands down. I love the larger size with rounded corners. The square business cards are beautiful, too. So many options and fabulous quality.


Meditation Tool

Ever wonder if you are meditating correctly? If it’s really helping? Muse is an innovative tool for managing your own stress. And it can also be used in sessions with clients. Muse helps mediation by reading your brain waves and providing data via your smart phone or tablet.


Private Practice Coaching, Consulting, & Classes

Ideal Client Intensive – This two-week, online class is offered by Dr. Agnes Wainman of Blissful practice and it helps you hone in on your niche and write website copy and  blog posts targeted to your ideal client. I took this class in 2016.


QA Prep – If you need help with your documentation, contact Dr. Maelissa Hall for forms, tips, and best practices.



This page contains affiliate links.

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