Blog Like a Pro: Blog Your Way to a Successful Private Practice

Online Blogging class for   therapists and coaches private practice

Blogging Instruction to Support Therapists Building a Private Practice

Blog Like a Pro will be returning in March 2018 as a self-paced coaching program. If you’re interested, please sign-up for email updates so you’ll be notified when registration opens and for information on marketing your private practice and building an online platform.

We all know that blogging is a great way to attract good-fit clients and make Google love your website, but there are plenty of other benefits to blogging.


Regular blogging and writing can help you:

  • Build your credibility
  • Attract more clients, speaking gigs, and other professional opportunities
  • Get published on larger websites and print media
  • Build an author platform and attract publishers
  • Leverage social media and build a loyal following
  • Share your expertise with a larger audience


“Sharon was so supportive and helpful in any questions I had. She really helped me focus on what and how to structure my blogs, helped with my website issues I was having and taught me so much about blogging!” — Norine Vander Hooven, LCSW


Self-Paced Blogging Class for Therapists

I’m happy to introduce my online writing and blogging class for therapists, coaches, and other helping professionals who want to up their blogging game! Blog Like a Pro is an online, self-paced coaching program taught in a private Facebook group providing instruction, support, personalized feedback, and accountability to help you achieve your goals to blog regularly, improve your website SEO, attract clients, and build an online presence and social media following.


I love working one-to-one with clients, but as a sole practitioner, I can only see a limited number of people in my private practice. Writing allows me to have an impact and help many, many more people. I went from writing a handful of posts on my own blog to being quoted in major print magazines and writing for large online publications. I used to agonize over writing just one post (that hardly anyone read) to putting out multiple posts every week that are read by thousands of people. I went from paying for ineffective advertising for my private practice to using blogging as my primary marketing tool which effectively targets my ideal clients. I can show you how to do the same for your business!


You’re a skilled therapist.

You’ve had extensive training in psychology, counseling, and mental health. You’ve got wisdom and experience that can help people who are struggling and feeling stuck. Don’t keep it to yourself! Writing is a way to grow your business and share your valuable and unique experiences with a larger audience!


Blog Like a Pro is a blogging class for therapists

This class is for therapists of all kinds (psychotherapists, music therapists, art therapists, physical therapists, psychologists), coaches, doctors, and other helping professionals.


Blog Like a Pro: Blog Your Way to a Successful Private Practice is for therapists who want to take their writing to the next level, whether it’s to grow their private practice, build a media presence or author platform, or attract media interviews and speaking gigs.


This blogging class is right for you if you:

  • Have an established blog and have written at least a few posts
  • Understand the basics of blogging, but want to fine-tune your writing
  • Struggle to consistently write and post new content on your blog
  • Wish more people would read your blog posts
  • Want to attract clients ideally suited for your niche and approach
  • Feel anxious about blogging
  • Aren’t sure what to write about
  • Find blogging overwhelming
  • Wonder how much personal information you should share in your blog posts
  • Want to be published beyond your own blog

Blog Lik a Pro Details:

  • A pre-class goal setting worksheet to help you identify your goals and stumbling blocks.
  • 8 modules in PDF format that include step-by-step instructions, written assignments, and specific action items. You will have access to all eight modules upon registration.
  • 12 weeks of personalized support and guidance in a private Facebook group. The group provides peer support, discussion, accountability, and lots of guidance and coaching from Sharon.
  • Share your blog posts in the Facebook group for review and feedback from Sharon and your classmates.
  • Small group.
  • Self-paced assignments so that you can work on them when it’s convenient for you and continue to work on them after your 12-weeks in Blog Like a Pro.
  • 8 key topics will include:
  1. Finding an audience: identify your reader, generate engaging topics, find inspiration
  2. Getting read and using social media strategically: build a following, consistent branding, find new places to share your content
  3. Anatomy of a good blog post: find your voice and style, choose images and titles that attract readers, understand how to use a call to action
  4. SEO basics: learn how to use keywords strategically, name your post and images in order to maximize search engine optimization
  5. Productivity and your writing process: learn how to write efficiently
  6. Writing for a larger audience: identifying the right media outlets for you, getting quoted, pitching to editors or media outlets
  7. Collaborating with others: expand your reach through guest blogging and other collaborations
  8. Comments, criticism, and confidence: dealing with stumbling blocks


Time Commitment:

I know you’re busy! I want to give you tons of bang for your buck, but not overwhelm you.

  • Plan on spending about 2-3 hours per week to work on the materials.
  • You will receive 8 modules including written materials and discussion questions. You can complete them at your own pace as your schedule permits.
  • There will also be ongoing discussion questions, resources, and support in the Facebook group. You can participate as much or as little as you like (but I hope we’ll have some active discussions that will really add to your learning).
  • Plan to write 8-12 blog posts during the group.
  • You will receive all of the course materials and continue to have access to the Facebook group so you can continue to work on the assignments even after the group ends.

This class in on hiatus. Please sign-up for email updates on blogging classes, marketing your private practice, and other resources.

$279 All class material + 12 weeks of group coaching via the Facebook group.



Sharon Martin, LCSW Social Work Private Practice Coach and Blogger

Why work with me?

I’m Sharon and I love to write! I never thought I’d say that after grad school, but it turns out writing is enjoyable when you can do it your way.

There are many online blogging classes available. However, this class was developed by a therapist for therapists. I’m in the trenches with you writing, seeing clients, and running my private practice. I know the struggles of finding time to write in addition to your other professional and personal obligations and interests.

This class is designed to meet the unique needs of our profession and will provide you with a level of individual attention that few other classes offer.


Sharon Martin, LCSW Media Expert Social Work

I have been writing 2 new articles every week for the past year. In that time I’ve gotten two regular writing gigs (for PsychCentral and The Good Men Project), been quoted in numerous publications including Redbook and Real Simple magazines, and I’m writing my first book (the publisher sought me out as a direct result of my blogging). My writing has also been instrumental in growing my social media presence and being asked to do radio interviews, major print magazine interviews, and a multitude of podcast interviews.

I’m not an editor or journalist by training. And you don’t need to be either. You can succeed in sharing your message and building a successful business by writing with your authentic voice and I can help you!



2017 Blogging class for private practice therapists

Kind Words:

“The class was rich with great content, even for a more experienced blogger. Sharon was very responsive during class and gave personalized feedback. She went above and beyond to help everyone in the class meet their goals. Somehow she was able to meet everyone where they are, challenge and push us to be a better blogger, and provide hope and inspiration.” — Erika Labuzan-Lopez, LMFT, LPC


“I’ve known Sharon for years and have thoroughly enjoyed her blog on Psych Central. I recently took her blog course and was really impressed with her resources and knowledge about everything blog related! I found her feedback invaluable and felt like she could refocus me when I got confused in the process. The tips she gave that were incredibly useful right away! I highly recommend taking this course if you want to learn how to create an effective, impactful blog that attracts your ideal client. She is a true master at that!” — Michelle Farris, LMFT, Counseling Recovery


“Sharon Martin, LCSW, is not only one of my favorite columnists on the Good Men Project, but a true voice for therapists who need to perfect their voices for a cyber-audience. Her weekly writing always inspires and touches the lives of thousands…I’m excited each week to see what she is writing and…I’m proud to have her in my circle of writers.” — Jeremy McKeen, Lead Editor at The Good Men Project


“The class was rich with information and resources to take blogging to the next level. It is more than your basic blogging course. The materials provided are great for ongoing reference when I am creating an article and want to remember the key components to make it stand out.” — Tara Murphy, LPC, LADC


“Sharon was so supportive and helpful in any questions I had. She really helped me focus on what and how to structure my blogs, helped with the website issues I was having, and taught me so much about blogging!” — Norine Vander Hooven, LCSW


“I learned about the fundamentals of writing a good blog post, creative ways to use social media for blog posts, and about interests readers may have when I write a blog. Sharon is wonderful as a teacher and mentor!” — class participant, November 2016


This class in on hiatus. Please sign-up for email updates on blogging classes, marketing your private practice, and other resources.