Blogging Classes for Therapists

I love writing and blogging and it's been the single most valuable thing I've done to grow a successful private practice. I can teach you how to write posts that people really want to read, move beyond fear and writer's block, and get published on larger media outlets.

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Coaching for Helping Professionals

Set goals, build confidence, make career decisions, prepare for interviews, learn how to start a private practice, manage stress. Find out how coaching can help you.

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Freelance Writing & Media

I am a regular media contributor on topics such as emotional health, relationships, and self-care. I provide training workshops on self-care for professionals, as well as speaking and freelance writing services on a variety of mental health topics.

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Sharon Martin, LCSW blogging class for therapist LCSW supervision

I created Successful Social Workers and Therapists as a resource for social workers, therapists and counselors looking for supervision, coaching and mentoring as they navigate the licensing process and build their careers.


Are you feeling burnt out?

Are you overwhelmed with decisions about your career?

Are you anxious about launching a private practice?

Do you want to learn how to blog and market your private practice?P


After 20 years as a business owner, social worker, psychotherapist, and clinical supervisor, I know how challenging it can be to launch and sustain a career as a helping professional. We enter the profession to help others, but sometimes fail to prioritize our own self-care, personal growth, and professional development. We all give so much of ourselves to our work and clients that it’s very easy to burn out.


Working as a therapist or social worker is demanding work. You deserve support and guidance! 


I enjoy supporting clinicians in a variety of ways — clinical supervision for LCSW and MFT candidates in California, psychotherapy for therapists and social workers in my San Jose office, private practice coaching, and writing & blogging classes and coaching.


I’ve built a successful private practice in part due to learning how to use freelance writing and blogging to market my services and share my expertise with a larger audience. I am excited to be offering my services as a writing coach, including a blogging class for therapists and coaches wanting to use blogging to market their private practices and products and learn how to get published in larger media outlets.



You’ve invested so much in your career, now it’s time to invest in yourself. Self-care is the key a long career as a helping professional, as well as good emotional and physical health. I’d love to help you develop your own personal self-care plan.


Please get in touch, if I can be of assistance. Or if there is a topic you’d like to see on the blog or a resource you need, let me know and I’ll try to help.

Sharon Martin LCSW CA clinical supervision blogging class