13 Ways to Repurpose Blog Posts

How to Repurpose your Blog Posts

One of the biggest complaints about blogging that I hear is that it’s so time-consuming. I get it. With everything else you’re doing to run your psychotherapy practice, it’s challenging to find time to blog consistently. This is definitely a situation where you want to “work smarter, not harder”.

Repurposing or reusing your blog content is a “smart” way to increase your efficiency and get the biggest results from the time you spend on content marketing (blogging, videos, social media posts).

You can make the most of your content by using it again in a different format. For example, you can use the same material in a blog post and a video. In addition to saving you time, this benefits your audience because they can learn even more when you present materials in a variety of mediums and you may attract new followers who prefer videos to blog posts.

Here are 13 Ways You Can Repurpose Blog Posts:

  1. Create a “best of” or round-up post. This type of blog post is a compilation of other blog posts you’ve written all on the same theme. Here’s an example that I wrote: Top 10 Articles about Codependency and Self-Esteem. As you can see, I only had to write a short introduction and conclusion and link the other blog posts. Easy!
  2. Create “fresh” content by revising old posts with new text, links, resources, and images. Update old posts that have gotten outdated with fresh examples or new images. Add links to your new blog posts or add some resources at the end of the post. Just be sure to leave the existing URL. Then reshare it so people can enjoy your revised post.
  3. Write an e-book. Collect a bunch of blog posts that you wrote on a single topic and put them together to create an ebook. This e-bookcan be a free give away that you offer when people join your email list or a paid product.
  4. Make a worksheet or checklist. Create a worksheet, some journal prompts, or a list of tips based on a blog post. This makes a nice resource to offer to clients, at a workshop, or as an opt-in to your email list.
  5. Record a video. Create a video providing the same content as your blog post and share it on YouTube.
  6. Do a Facebook Live. Instead of a pre-recorded video, you can do a Facebook Live using the content from your post.
  7. Use it in your newsletter. Use tips from an old blog post as content in your newsletter.
  8. Republish it. You can post the same article on Medium, Linked In, or another website that will republish a post already on your website.
  9. Host a webinar. Create a webinar based on the content of several blog posts.
  10. Create an infographic. Use tips or quotes from your blog posts to make attractive graphics for your social media posts.
  11. Reuse interview content. If you’ve been interviewed on radio, TV, or a podcast, you can use that material in a couple of ways to create blog posts. You can simply write up a summary of the interview and link to the interview to create a quick blog post. This creates fresh content on your website and it promotes the interview. Or you can take the talking points from your interview and expand on them in a new blog post.
  12. Write a more in-depth post on the same topic. Often there’s an idea in a blog post that you can expand into an entirely new post by adding more details and case studies/stories. For example, if you wrote a post titled “7 Ways to Practice Mindfulness”, you could resurrect this idea and later write a full post on each of those seven ways to practice mindfulness.
  13. Build an email course. You could also take those 7 Ways to Practice Mindfulness and turn them into an automated daily email course. You can add or subtract ideas to create whatever length of the email series that you want.


Don’t be afraid to repurpose your blog posts. These 13 ideas for repurposing blog posts can help you get the maximum return on your efforts! And remember that this can be a great service to your readers who enjoy consuming content in various formats.


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13 ways to repurpose blog posts




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