5 Tips to Reduce Blogging Overwhelm

5 Tips to Reduce Blogging Overwhelm. Are you a therapist who feels overwhelmed by blogging? Learn how to make blogging manageable and build a successful private practice.

Sometimes blogging feels overwhelming

Is blogging overwhelming? Does the idea of writing a blog stress you out? If so, you’re not alone! My colleagues often tell me they love the idea of blogging consistently, but the reality of it is a bit overwhelming. Either they don’t know where to start or they get off to a good start, but then it peters out after a month or two.

We’re all busy and pulled in so many directions. As you know, running your own counseling, therapy, or wellness business requires you to wear many hats in addition to being an excellent clinician. Most of us don’t have any formal training in accounting, marketing, clerical skills, web development, or copyrighting, yet these are skills we use regularly as private practice owners. You aren’t alone in feeling overwhelmed at times!

Blogging is an effective way to market your therapy practice

I’m a huge proponent of blogging because it’s an effective way to market your psychotherapy practice. It’s worked for me and the clinicians I’ve taught in my Blog Like a Pro classes. In fact, I no longer need any paid advertising (not even a Psychology Today profile) because blogging allows me to share my expertise and approach with potential clients in a powerful and targeted way.

Build a thriving therapy practice with blogging

Recently, I shared my 5 strategies for reducing blogging overwhelm with Jennifer Sneeden on her podcast Thriving Therapy Practice. Jennifer’s podcast is a great resource for learning about the business and marketing side of running a successful psychotherapy practice. So be sure to subscribe to it in iTunes or Google Play.

5 tips to reduce blogging overwhelm

Blogging doesn’t have to be complicated. Like most things, it does take practice, but as long as you have a website with a blogging platform, you can get started today. I want to share my 5 top tips to make blogging for therapists more manageable.

  1. Keep a running list of blog post topic ideas. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to write and staring at a blank screen. You can prevent writer’s block by writing down ideas whenever you feel inspired.
  2. Schedule time to write. Just like anything else, writing is more likely to get done when you schedule a set time to do it. Don’t leave it to chance or think of it as something to do “if you have time”. I don’t know about you, but I rarely have “extra” time.
  3. Keep it simple. I can’t stress this tip enough. One of the most common struggles I see in my writing coaching is therapists getting bogged down with very complex topics, writing too much, doing lots of research, or spending too much time making decisions (such as which photos to put with their blog posts). In most cases, your audience doesn’t want or need all that. Potential clients aren’t looking to read your dissertation; they’re looking to feel understood and reassured that someone can help them.
  4. Keep it casual. One of the reasons that blogging is so successful, is that it allows you to show people who you are through your writing. This is why it’s important to write like you speak. You don’t need to make your blog formal (this can actually be a turn off). Potential clients want to determine if they can relate to you and trust you. And since therapy is based on the client-therapist relationship, blogging authentically will help you attract your ideal clients.
  5. Try batching tasks for more efficiency. If you’re writing several blog posts per month and want to be efficient, try batching similar tasks together. For example, you can write outlines for several posts in one sitting and choose photos for all your posts in another sitting. For some people, this is a great time-saver over the traditional process of writing one post in its entirety and then starting the next. Give it a try and see if it reduces your blogging overwhelm!

Be sure to listen to my interview with Jennifer Sneeden for a more in-depth discussion of how blogging can help you build a successful therapy practice without it being overwhelming.


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