6 Easy Ways to Build Your Private Practice Over the Holidays

6 Easy Ways to Build Your Private Practice Over the Holidays


You’re probably not thinking about ways to build your private practice right about now! More likely you’re counting the days until your vacation, begins. This is the time for holiday celebrations, travel, family traditions, and reconnecting with loved ones.


Working over the holidays may sounds like a major downer, but many entrepreneurs find it useful to use the slower weeks of the year to accomplish some business-building tasks that they don’t get to do otherwise.


But with a small time commitment, there are a few things you can do to set your private practice up for a successful start in January.


  1.  Rest. One solid option is to take time off, relax, enjoy the holidays and come back energized and ready to go in January. If rest and self-care is what you need most, do it and don’t feel badly about it.


  1. Get your finances together. Year-end is a good time to gather your business receipts, check if you’ve got unpaid invoices, and calculate your income. When it’s time to do your taxes, you’ll be happy to have your accounting done. Looking at your finances is also helpful as you look ahead to your goals for next year.


  1. Thank your referral sources. You can easily build relationships with other professionals at the holidays with a small gift or holiday card. Let them know how much you appreciate them!


  1. Blog. Blogging is something that many therapists know is a valuable marketing tool, but find hard to fit it into their busy schedules. The holidays are the perfect time to write a few quick blog posts and get ahead of this task. I like to write a post or two one evening over the holidays. My schedule is lighter as I’m not seeing clients or driving my kids to their activities in the evenings. You can schedule your posts so you’ve got the first few weeks or months covered. Doesn’t that sound nice?


  1. Give your website a tune-up. My website is the number one way people find my private practice. I like to keep it fresh and up to date. In an hour, you can easily do a significant amount of work on your site. Read through your content and see if it still sounds authentic and accurate, give your photos another look to see if they capture the vibe you want to be sending out, add new details such as new credentials or services. Do you need new headshots? Do you need a new freebie to attract people to your mailing list? Jot down some notes and either make adjustments yourself or give them to your web designer in January.


  1. Set business goals for the New Year. Your business needs goals. We all know that goals help us set priorities, use our time wisely, and provide accountability and a sense of accomplishment. Don’t be afraid to think big. What do you want to accomplish in 2017? How can you make that a reality? Make sure to write down your business goals for maximum benefit.



Whether you decide to try one or all of these private practice building ideas, I hope you have a fabulous holiday!



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Sharon Martin has a passion for clinical supervision, mentoring new social workers, blogging, and reading all things social work related. She is a California Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years in the field. Sharon has worked extensively in Bay Area non-profits and successfully runs a private counseling practice in San Jose. Sharon writes regularly for PsychCentral and the Good Men Project. She's also the author of Setting Boundaries Without Guilt: A Workbook to Move You From Doormat to Empowerment.