Writing and Blogging Class Testimonials:

“It never fails – almost daily, I address something in session with my client(s) & I end up coming across 1 or multiple Facebook postings of yours that speaks to the very things we talked about in their sessions that day. I’ve forwarded so many of your posts to so many of my clients. As you reach out & share your posts with us on fb, you are sharing through me. I truly appreciate you & your writing.” – Gina Martin, LPC


“Sharon Martin, LCSW, is not only one of my favorite columnists on the Good Men Project, but a true voice for therapists who write and need to perfect their voices for an cyber-audience. Her weekly writing always inspires and touches the lives of thousands, and she has an amazing ability to perfect a point that the reader could and usually does need to read regarding a whole host of existential dilemmas. I’m excited each week to see what she is writing and…I’m proud to have her in my circle of writers.” — Jeremy McKeen, Lead Editor at The Good Men Project

“I’ve known Sharon for years and have followed her blog on Psych Central. I love her writing style and I have been waiting for her to create this course! She has such a wealth of knowledge about so many aspects of blogging that I need to learn. I cannot wait to take this class! So excited!” — Michelle Farris, LMFT, Counseling Recovery


Clinical Supervisor Testimonials:


“I was able to pass my licensing exams the first try and I have Sharon to thank for all the knowledge and wisdom she provided me. After 7 years of working in the field for non-Clinical Supervisor testimonialsprofits I decided to start my own private practice. Once again Sharon was there to support me. She helped me with my start up paperwork and even trusted in me to send me some referrals. In the beginning of my private practice I would call her…doubting myself, but she always had faith in me. I now have a blossoming private practice and am still very connected to Sharon. If you’re looking for an amazing mentor and supervisor look no further, Sharon is the one for you.”

Kara Kasteen, LCSW
Private Practice, San Jose, CA





LCSW supervision testimonials“Sharon has been my Clinical Supervisor and mentor for 5 years now.  She is a consummate professional.  I have learned strong clinical skills from her from diagnosing to case management  plus all-important boundary-setting.  Sharon has seen me thru some very trying cases and professional situations.  I trust her judgment and guidance implicitly.  With her unwavering encouragement I continue to grow into my full potential as a practicing professional.”

Joanie Santos, MSW, ASW





LCSW Supervisor San Jose Testimonial“Sharon was a mentor and clinical supervisor in my undergraduate years.  Her knowledge, professionalism, and compassion demonstrated what genuine social work should be.    The clinical education and supervision I received from Sharon was the cornerstone for my graduate studies and still used today as I serve vulnerable populations.  I highly recommend Sharon Martin for effective clinical supervision.”

Chris A. Jones, MSW, CADCII, SAP
Santa Clara County Deputy Public Guardian – Conservator




“Sharon provided clinical supervision for 2 years when I was employed full time at EHC LifeBuilders treating economically challenged clients. This was my first full time therapist position and came in quite nervous. Sharon immediately put me at ease with her warm, supportive nature and supervised through some difficult client issues. Sharon is knowledgeable, has a wonderful sense of humor and most importantly provides sound, clinical judgment. I learned a lot from her and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her. I highly recommend Sharon as a supervisor to interns.”

Karen Sturm, LMFT
Santa Clara County Dept. of Alcohol & Drug Services & Private Practice


“Sharon Martin is an excellent clinical supervisor. She is very professional, competent and kind-hearted. She was able to address my concerns and questions about clinical cases and at the same time she was open to revisit them in order to gain new perspectives and most importantly to deepen my understanding. Her clinical skills helped me discern many of the underlying issues presented by the clients and she also assisted me in becoming clear about my own internal responses to the clients’ symptomatology. She was a supportive and empathic role model, she genuinely cared about the clients and she recognized, when appropriate, her own limitations facing the complexities of the human psyche. I would highly recommend her as a clinical supervisor.”

Aline Bendeck, LMFT
Harmony at Home, Carmel, CA






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