How Guest Blogging Can Help or Hurt Your Business

How Guest Blogging Can Help or Hurt Your Psychotherapy Private Practice. Should I write a guest blog? Answers to all your questions about guest blogging to market your practice, grown an audience, and build an author platform.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is writing a blog post for publication on a blog or website other than your own.


What is the purpose of guest blogging?

Guest blogging can be an effective way to build credibility and share your writing with a larger or different audience. It also brings new traffic to your website, which attracts new clients, customers, or readers. Guest blogging helps establish backlinks to your website which will help improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO or your ranking on search engines). Larger and higher quality websites provide the most valuable the backlinks. For example, a backlink from Psychology Today will be more valuable than a backlink from your friend’s counseling site.


Guest blogging will give you exposure to new readers who might then decide to follow your blog, join your mailing list, or follow you on social media.


If you have guest bloggers write for your website, you will add new and valuable content that will benefit your readers and potentially help your SEO. And you will also have your blog exposed to new readers when your guest blogger shares the post with his or her social media followers or mailing list.

Choose the right guest blogging sites

There are so many guest blogging opportunities available, but not all of them are worth pursuing. The key to making guest blogging work for you, is to be strategic about who you write for and who you ask to write on your blog. It’s tempting to just approach your therapist friends, but they may not be the best guest bloggers for you.

Collaborate with other bloggers who:

  • write quality content that you respect. Clearly, you don’t want to associate yourself with other therapists or websites that you don’t believe in or who create sloppy or inferior blog posts.
  • share your values. Please, don’t sacrifice your values just to be published on a big website! Take the time to find guest blogging opportunities that reflect you values as a clinician and a person. A few months back, I was approached by a website to write a guest post. They had a professional, well put together site and large social media following. But they had advertisers that I did not agree with, so I politely declined. I promise that there will be other opportunities.
  • have a similar niche. You want to write for a website that has an overlapping niche so that their readers will be interested in what you have to say. For example, if you write about parenting teenagers, there’s little benefit in writing a guest post for a colleague who specializes in infertility.
  • have an audience about the same size or larger than your own. If the collaborator has a very small readership, there won’t be a significant gain for you. If I’m asked to write a guest blog post, I always check out the size of their social media following and the number of social shares on their blog posts.
  • do a good job promoting their blog. Promoting the guest blog post is the joint responsibility of the guest blogger and the website owner. So, if you write a guest post, be prepared to promote it to your readers and followers and check that the website does the same. Last week, I got another request to write a guest blog post. There are plenty of therapists writing posts for this site, but there was no evidence of social media accounts or a mailing list. I asked them how they promote their posts and I got a vague response about the post linking back to my website, but no clear answer such as your post will be featured on our Facebook page or it will stay on the front page of the website for 48 hours. So, that one was a pass for me, too.


How do you find guest blogging opportunities?

Start by identifying some professional websites or blogs that you like to read. Poke around on the website to see if you can find information about guest blogging. Most websites that accept guest posts, have the requirements clearly listed on the website. Read and follow the instructions. I know that sounds obvious, but not following the directions is an easy way to get rejected. Every site has its own requirements, so be sure you’re post meets their requirements before submitting it.


If you don’t see information about guest blogging on the site, send a professional email outlining what you’d like to write about and be sure to include a link to your blog and social media channels.


Do you have other questions about guest blogging? I love to teach therapist how to build their therapy private practice and expand their reach trough blogging. Join my mailing list for more tips and information on my upcoming classes.

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