Consulting and Contracting | San Jose

Social Work Consulting and Training

Contracting & Consulting for Bay Area Counseling Agencies, Social Service Agencies, and Non-Profit Organizations


I spent over 15 years working in non-profits. It is a meaningful and fulfilling way to give back to our community. I am honored to support social service agencies, government agencies, local businesses, and their employees in providing exceptional services.


Social Work/Social Services Consulting and Contracting Services include:

  • Group or Individual Clinical Supervision for ASW, MFT, and Counseling interns
  • Field Instruction for MSW or BSW students
  • Case Consultation
  • A Happy Staff is a Productive Staff: Self-Care and Burnout Prevention Trainings
    • Develop self-care plans
    • Improve staff morale
    • Build community
    • Increase staff retention
    • Improve productivity


Mental Health Contracting and Consulting Services Available to Bay Area Businesses

  • Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Counseling
  • Speaking and Presentations on various emotional and mental wellness topics such as stress management, anger management, healthy relationships, personal development
  • Self-care and burnout prevention trainings


Please email me at to discuss how I can support your organization with mental health contracting or consulting services such as presentations/speaking on emotional wellness, burnout prevention, counseling, etc. I look forward to learning about how I can meet your needs.