My Favorite Facebook Groups for Therapists and Social Workers

My Favorite Facebook Groups for Therapists and Social Workers


Facebook groups are an easy way to network and build professional relationships, find resources and referrals, and get answers to various questions about working as a social worker or therapist. And if you use Facebook on a regular basis, you’ve probably already experienced some of these benefits.


There are a lot, probably thousands, of Facebook groups specifically for social workers, therapists, and private practice owners! It can be hard to decide which ones to join and even more overwhelming to keep up with them all.


I suggest joining only five or six groups to keep it manageable. And remember, you can turn off the notifications for a group if there are too many to reasonably keep up with.


Over the years, I’ve joined quite a few Facebook groups for therapists – and I’ve left quite a few that weren’t what I needed. Below are some of the groups that I enjoy the most. Obviously, I haven’t tried every possible group and my opinion is based on my interests and needs. I also did not include any local or geographic-specific groups.


 Facebook Groups for therapists and social workers

Selling the Couch

Focus: All aspects of private practice (marketing, networking, resources). This group is associated with the podcast of the same name. In addition to lots of open discussion, there are daily or weekly discussion questions, threads for sharing your services, products, or blog posts, and opportunities for feedback on your website or directory listings.

Members: 9K

Founder/Host: Melvin Varghese, Ph.D.



Abundance Practice Building

Focus: All aspects of private practice (marketing, networking, resources). This group is associated with the Abundant Practice Podcast. This group includes a weekly thread for sharing your content.

Members: 13K

Founder/Host: Allison Puryear, LCSW



Documentation Support Group for Mental Health Professionals

Focus: Documentation can feel like a burden! Get support and accountability from your peers and discuss best practices.

Members: 3K

Founder/Host: Hope Eden, LCSW



The Entrepreneur’s Tribe

Focus: A group for nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in mental health professionals that focuses on branding, marketing, business-building. Samara Stone provides regular interviews with a wide range of experts and her own informative and inspirational videos.

Members: 2K

Founder/Host: Samara Stone, LCSW



Insurance Credentialing and Billing for Mental Health Clinicians

Focus: A place for licensed clinicians to get help and support navigating insurance billing and credentialing.

Members: 1K

Founder/Host: Danielle Kepler, LCPC



The Organized Therapist

Focus: A place to discuss organization, efficiency, de-cluttering, systems and related topics as they relate to your mental health practice.

Members: 1K

Founder/Host: Hope Eden, LCSW



Full Fee Private Practice Lounge

Focus: This group is specifically for therapists with private-pay practices. It’s a place to network and discuss questions, successes, and issues related to running an insurance-free private practice. I enjoy that it’s a completely promotion-free space.

Members: 500

Founder/Host: Deborah Owens, LPC



Create My Therapist Website Community

Focus: Wondering how to create or improve your private practice website? Then, this is the group for you. It’s hosted by a web designer who provides feedback and answers questions specific to creating effective therapist websites.

Members: 700

Founder/Host: Daniel Fava



Telemental Health Counselor Connection

Focus: Answering your questions about providing online counseling or telemental health including billing, training, ethical situations, and telemental health software.

Members: 1K

Founder/Host: Michael Jones, LPC-S



I hope you find this list helpful and if you’ve got additional suggestions for Facebook groups for therapists and social workers, feel free to leave them in the comments.


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