Coaching for Therapists and Social Workers

Coaching for therapists and social workers. Support and goal setting for social workers and therapist to manage stress and increase productivity and job performance.

Life & Professional Coaching for Therapists and Social Workers, Counselors, Coaches

Coaching can address any combination of life and/or professional goals. It is present-focused and goal oriented.

Life coaching and career coaching for therapists and social workers can help you:

  • Build confidence
  • Create positive habits
  • Grow your happiness
  • Overcome burnout and/or create a self-care plan
  • Create work-life balance
  • Increase efficiency
  • Understand the licensing process and decide if it’s for you
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Explore employment options
  • Start a private practice
  • Identify career goals
  • Gain respect in your field
  • Improve communication skills and relationships
  • Push past mental blocks to success
  • Set goals for your professional and personal life
  • Create positive results in your life

What you can expect from life coaching and social work coaching

  • Help setting specific goals
  • Identifying roadblocks
  • Accountability
  • Practical solutions
  • Honest feedback
  • Experienced guidance

social work career coaching life coaching

I’m excited to work with you and look forward to helping you achieve your goals!



Coaching is $180 per 60-minute session or $135 per 45-minute session.

Coaching sessions can be conducted in my San Jose office or via telephone or Skype.

I work on a per session basis (rather than offering packages) so that you can purchase as much or as little coaching as you need. My job is to help you find focus and a plan. Success and abundance are right in front of you. Are you ready to grab them? Send me an email to get started or ask more questions. I’d love to help.

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