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Social Work Resume ReviewResume Review for Social Workers,  Therapists, and Counselors

When you’re applying for a new job, you want your resume to stand out! I’ve worked in mental health, human services, and social work fields for 20+ years, including many years as a clinical supervisor and manager. So, I’ve reviewed hundreds of resumes and can put this knowledge to work helping you refine your resume.

You don’t want just any career coach reviewing your resume. It’s important to have a coach who is experienced in the field of social work, psychology, mental health, and private practice to guide you on the particulars that will distinguish a good resume from a great resume.

Resume Review includes:

Once we’ve agreed to work together, you’ll email me your resume and provide me with some information about yourself, your professional goals, and any particular jobs you’re applying for.

I’ll review your resume and provide you with feedback on the content, organization, layout, and grammar/spelling/word choice. I will return this information to you by email within five business days. You can then ask me for clarification on anything and return an updated version of your resume to me within a week. I will do a second review of your updated resume and again send you any ideas on how to improve it.


$100 per resume. Payment will be collected prior to the start of your resume review.

Time Line

Generally, my first review of your resume will be done within 5 business days. If I can’t adhere to this timeline, I will let you know when you contact me. After my initial review, you can ask me questions via email and return an updated copy to me within a week. Our entire process will be completed two weeks from my receipt of your original resume.


I’m excited to work with you and look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

To get started, email me at to discuss my availability.





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