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How to Give a Social Work Clinical Case Presentation

Clinical Case Presentation Outline. How to Give a Social Work or Mental Health Case Presentation.

  Do you feel anxious about giving a clinical case presentation? Are you unsure about what to include or how to organize it? You’re not alone! Giving a clinical case presentation to your supervision group, peer consultation group, or at a case review meeting can be intimidating. However, it’s also a valuable tool. We all […]

Group LCSW Supervision forming in San Jose

Group LCSW Supervision forming in San Jose

I am starting a clinical supervision group for pre-licensed therapists, social workers, and counselors. Groups last 2 hours in duration and the fee is $50 per session. We will meet in my San Jose office. You do need your employer to agree to the use of an outside supervisor to comply with BBS regulations. The […]

Success in Social Work Field Practicum

  Tips for Success in Social Work Field Practicum by Sharon Martin, LCSW September brings the start of internships for thousands of college students. I have been a field instructor (supervisor) for Master’s and bachelor’s students in their social work field practicum for eight years. It’s a brilliant way to give back to my profession. Like most intern supervisors, […]

Signs You Have a Bad Clinical Supervisor

  A while back I identified some characteristics of a good clinical supervisor. Now let’s turn our attention to sign you have a bad clinical supervisor. If you’re not feeling supported and safe in your clinical work, poor clinical supervision may be part of the problem. Unfortunately, there are people in all professions who are […]

What do I Talk about in Clinical Supervision?

What do I Talk about in Clinical Supervision?

Clinical Supervision Topics Sometimes there is confusion about what clinical supervision topics should be discussed during supervision sessions. This post addresses how clinical supervision for social workers, marriage and family therapists, and counselors is often used. I began supervising social workers and therapy interns eleven years ago.  I find the most effective supervision encompasses all four […]

9 Traits of an Effective Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Supervision is a key component in social worker and therapist training. Not all clinical supervisors are created equally. If your supervisor is employed by the agency where you work, you may not have any choice in your clinical supervisor. However, if you are hiring your own clinical supervisor, you will want to find someone who […]

Getting the Most out of Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is an important part of your learning and professional growth. It is an opportunity for emotional support, professional growth, and skill building. I’ve supervised dozens of social workers and marriage family therapists and would like to offer a few tips on getting the most out of your clinical supervision. Come prepared. Have a […]

How to Convince your Employer of the Benefits of an Outside Clinical Supervisor

How to Convince your Employer of the Benefits of an Outside Clinical Supervisor

I supervise unlicensed clinicians working at agencies that don’t provide clinical supervision. They have decided to invest in their own careers by pursuing licensure with supervision with an outside clinical supervisor. Once you’ve decided that an outside clinical supervisor is worth the investment (see my article on this topic), your next step is to convince your […]

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