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The 2 Most Important Things You Can Do to Get People to Read Your Therapy Blog

Successful Blogging for Therapists and Coaches. Blog consistently. Blog for a niche.

  Have you tried blogging? Blogging is only a successful marketing strategy if you can get people to read your blog posts. How can you get people to read your therapy blog? I’ve been facilitating Blog Like a Pro – an online blogging class for therapists – for a few years now and I see […]

What Should I Blog About to Grow a Successful Therapy Practice?

What Should I Blog About to Build a Successful Therapy Practice?

Blogging is an excellent way to grow your therapy practice. It builds trust with your readers. It allows your authentic voice to be heard. And blogging builds content (SEO and keywords) so that Google can understand what your website is about and help people find it.   In order for your blog to effectively do […]

How to pick a counseling niche

How to pick a counseling niche

Have you been told that you need to specialize in order to be a successful therapist? Well, it’s true. I made the mistake of spending years with a “general private practice”. It was easy to take just about any client. The downside was that I probably wasn’t as effective or as happy as I could […]

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