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Blogging Stumbling Blocks: Overcoming Comparison, Criticism, Perfectionism

Blogging Stumbling Blocks: Overcoming Comparison, Criticism, and Perfectionism #blogging #perfectionism #marketing #criticism #confidence

  Blogging is one of the most effective ways to market your counseling practice or coaching services and share your expertise and training with others. But many therapists don’t blog consistently. It’s not because blogging is so complicated. It’s because we don’t feel confident. We worry that we’re not very good at it or that […]

14 Benefits of Blogging for Therapists and Coaches

14 Reasons Every Therapist Should Blog

  Have you thought about starting a blog? Or maybe you started a blog but found it was a lot of work. Blogging can be challenging, but it does pay off in more ways than you might imagine! Blogging is a powerful marketing tool, creative outlet, and wonderful way to share your gifts with the […]

Why You Need to Promote Your Blog Posts on Social Media

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog

  You spent an hour or two or three writing a killer blog post. You included great insights garnered from years of training and clinical experience. You got up the courage and hit the publish button. And …. silence. Maybe your Mom and your hubby and a handful of your therapist friends read your post. […]