Writing Coach for Therapists

Writing Blogging Coach for Therapists

How can writing and blogging grow your therapy private practice?

When I became a therapist, I never expected to be writing anything more than some boring case notes and treatment plans.

But I was wrong… I currently write regularly for my own counseling blog, Psych Central, and the Good Men Project. I can teach you how to write successful mental health blog posts and move your practice to the next level.

Blogging and writing have opened up new doors for me. It attracts clients who are an excellent fit for my private practice. It provides me with the opportunity to write for larger audiences (see my media page for a list of my publications). Blogging has also helped me increase my mailing list and social media following.

As a fellow therapist, I understand the ins and out of running a private practice, clinical and ethical issues, and nuances of our field. Most importantly, writing energizes me and I’d love to be your writing coach and show you how writing can help you build your practice.


Common questions that I answer from therapists wanting to improve their blogging and reach more people:

  • What should I write about?
  • How do I get more people to read my blog?
  • Should I allow comments on my blog?
  • How long should a blog post be?
  • How do I write a catchy blog title?
  • What’s a call to action and why do I need one?
  • How do I add keywords to my blog posts?
  • How often should I blog?


As a writing coach for therapists, I can help you:

  • Write more in less time
  • Widen your social media reach through blogging and writing
  • Generate blog topics that speak to your ideal therapy client
  • Choose titles and images for your blogs that attract more readers
  • Use guest posts to your advantage
  • Organize your ideas into blog posts
  • Explore how much self-disclosure to use in your blog posts
  • Find your own unique voice so your personality shines through in your writing
  • Identify writing opportunities beyond your own counseling blog

Writing coaching for therapists, counselors, and other helping professionals wanting to improve their blogging and article writing skills


Blog Like a Pro: A Blogging Class for Therapists      $279

This is a self-paced blogging class designed specifically for therapists, coaches, and other wellness practitioners wanting to improve their blogging, attract clients, and write for larger media outlets. Learn more here.


Individual Writing Coaching     $180/hr or $135/45-mins.

We will meet via Skype to address your questions about blogging and writing. This commonly includes any of the following:

  • identifying your ideal client/audience
  • generating ideas to blog about
  • identifying ways to use writing to increase your credibility, including media outlets to submit your writing to
  • creating a clear blogging strategy
  • strategies to overcome procrastination, fear, and other blocks that get in the way of writing
  • tips for blogging more efficiently and quickly
  • answering any specific questions you have

If you’d like me to review your blog before our coaching session and provide you with feedback, I can do this for an additional $50.


If you’d like to book a service, have questions, or need something different, just shoot me an email at sharon@socialworkcoaching.com.

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